28 July 2021

Any place that is a welcome place. Any place unwelcoming a place being you’re not welcome there.

Not being there to be there. Supposedly not supposed to be there. And accordingly not welcome there. Sometimes welcome there. Up until a point of being there. Test it do not test it often to a point of trying it. Do not try its patience with it being there not welcome there.

Get it going in a sense uncalled for. It’s unwelcome and uncalled for but it’s there very strongly and unwelcome there and angry with it everyone is angry there. Anger there is welcomed there in one but not welcome in another one in there. Another one not welcome there. Remember.

And dreaming and a memory begins again to start it all again and it is not welcome do not welcome it. It’s not welcome in this place although it gets in here quite easily in here. It’s here being here yet unwelcome here starting something up not any good. No good starting this all up again.


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I am mjboyce, author of 2 novels: Monkey & Anderson (Pedlar Press). Working on my 3rd novel & a book of poetry (sort of). I also make photos & music.