16 September 2021 Thursday

Beautiful light. What makes it right. Going and breath breathing. To tell. Do tell. Fun evening. Come to the morning clear. Dance. voice. Music. Bellows. Diaphragm.
Mowing the lawn. Trimming the weeds. The art community. Community chest. Co-conspirators. Lively group. Fellows. Fellow beings. All genres genders.
Please with it by it. Celebrate the interval. What’s your favourite something. Everybody suffers. The rich do not exist but there are people who have riches. Sometimes lots of money. Nouns pitted against verbs. Where it matters.
When the night was the time of it. Cadence. Four for this one. Wind and wind-up toy. Tag you’re it. The games you remember. The ones you forget. Remember yourself. Please.
Going to the middle of it.


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I am mjboyce, author of 2 novels: Monkey & Anderson (Pedlar Press). Working on my 3rd novel & a book of poetry (sort of). I also make photos & music.